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 Weight of the World, thor odinson
Steve Rogers
 Posted: Nov 29 2016, 05:07 PM
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Steve Rogers

When he had set off on a self-appointed mission to Russia alone, he hadn’t expected events to play out as they had. Steve had only the best of intentions, but the assignment had supplied him with advantages and disadvantages alike. Still, as he traversed yet another New York street on a day that seemed no different from the last, it felt like the bad was beginning to outweigh the good even more than it had already.

Just a few weeks after he had liberated the incarcerated portion of his team from the Raft, the former captain had disembarked from Wakanda, awash with fury at the news report that had caused so much strife. That mission hadn't been entirely successful, but he had moved on and did what needed to be done until it was finally time to return. Unfortunately, by that point, he had lost contact with all of them. Every single one, including Bucky, was unreachable thanks to some sort of attack that had occurred in Wakanda. Though the details of what had happened weren’t entirely clear to him, he knew that anyone he had important connections to had evacuated the country that had once offered them sanctuary. They were no longer welcome within its borders.

With that knowledge, Steve had set out to locate them in other ways. It would be far more difficult than simply returning to the compound he had become familiar with during his first few weeks as a fugitive, but he was up to the task. He had already gotten in touch with two friends there in New York, but it wasn't as much of a victory as it may have appeared. Neither woman was an Avenger, nor were they especially helpful in locating said team. He hadn't expected to have any luck in that department, but he couldn’t deny that the lack of answers was disappointing all the same.

As it was, Steve hunkered down, curling his shoulders inward against the chill as he walked. Face angled downward in the hopes that people wouldn't pay too much attention to the tall blond wandering the streets, his eyes swept over his surroundings carefully. The strange feeling of someone haunting his steps set him on edge, forcing him to surreptitiously glance back over one shoulder. It was then that a familiar sound reached his ears.
Thor Odinson | I hope this is okay! I kept it vague because I didn't know what kind of entrance you wanted to give him.
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