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 Arm of the Winter Soldier, Location: Резиденция на мысе Идокопас
 Posted: May 27 2016, 12:53 AM
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Keyed in by KOENIG, BILLY, published xx/xx/xxxx
The Winter Soldier's Metal arm, designed by the best minds at HYDRA. The metal arm, according to recently decripted HYDRA files, was a replacement for the damage sustained during James Barnes fall from the train. The arm was attached with great success before bringing Barnes out of the chemically induced Coma for the first time..

The arm sustained damage during the altercation with Tony Stark, in which the reactor blast resulted in the dismemberment of the limb. The arm was left behind, as was Captain Rogers' SHIELD.

Russian authorities swarmed the site before the arm could be recovered, and now sits in a private vault of one President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Possession of the arm was recently televised during an interview with CNN.

At current, S.H.I.E.L.D. is not aware of any plans to recover the limb, though it is technology we are loathe to leave in the hands of Putin.

Love to LCJUNIOR @ Caution 2.0
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