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 ISSUE #6, No Country For Secret Avengers
J. Jonah Jameson
 Posted: Oct 3 2016, 03:12 PM
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J. Jonah Jameson

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October 3rd, 2016
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PHOTO: Fallen hero, Steve Rogers, AKA. Captain America. Alleged leader of the Secret Avengers

With the attack on the Wakanda Charity Concert still fresh on their mind. The Wakandan Government has announced today that they shall assist the UN in tracking down and stopping the rogue superhero outfit 'The Secret Avengers', who so famously formed after Steve Rogers refused to sign the Sokovia Accords.

It had been rumoured ever since the high-profile escape of Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and the other rogue Avengers, that they had relocated to the African nation of Wakanda, to live and operate under the graces of King T'Challa.

But today this changed, as the government has apparently gone around the authority of T'Challa, and finally joined in the international manhunt for the dangerous outlaws who acrimoniously split from the True Avengers, who are currently under the authority of the UN.

The Wakandan Foreign Minister released a short statement regarding the sudden change of heart of this developed African Nation:

"Although we believe Steve Rogers acted with his best intentions, his and King T'Challa's actions inadvertently invited terrorist elements like the IDL to strike at Wakanda and its people. Thus today we confirm that T'Challa's decisions were not done under government approval, and we deeply condemn his actions. This also means that Steve Rogers, and his rogue allies are as of now no longer welcome on Wakandan soil. We shall fully commit to Interpol's manhunt to stop these dangerous individuals, and return unity to the world."

What these decisions means for King T'Challa has not been known yet, but reports surface that he shall continue in his role as head of state, albeit with significantly reduced authority. Despite him assisting Steve Rogers and the other rogue Avengers, he is not regarded by Interpol or the UN as a member of this group and shall not be held responsible for their actions.

Where could the Secret Avengers go now? Or are they doomed to wander the globe as a dissolved entity, avoiding the law at every turn?

Whilst there are a few nations that would still welcome the Avengers, these fall in the category of failed and downright rogue nations, including; North Korea, Iran, Zimbabwe, and even the Island nation of Genosha, which is famous for its extreme anti-powered sentiments.

Would Captain America, and the rogue Avengers stoop as low as to accept the hospitality of dictators and racists? Or might this finally be the end of the Secret Avengers?

If you ever come across members of this rogue group, do not approach them, and regard them as dangerous individuals. And always make sure to inform the Bugle so we can confirm the sightings, and inform the authorities of our findings.

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