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 EVENT: BREAKING NEWS, Terror in Wakanda
 Posted: Sep 21 2016, 04:03 PM
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Breaking news:

Some shocking news coming out of Birnin Zana, the capital of the African nation of Wakanda. Where during the finale of the Lagos Charity Concert loud explosions were heard, and great chaos ensued in the aftermath.

We have reports of widescale panic as what looks like poisonous clouds emanated from the areas of the dozen bomb-blasts, with many of the victims who weren't killed by the blast either ended up being turned to ash, or according to some witnesses, turned into mysterious rock statues.

Still those not affected by the blasts were injured as the panicked crowd started to rush their way to safety, often trampling people stuck in the mass.

Other reports have noted a young woman moving up onto the stage, using what seemed to be superhuman abilities to further spread the mist towards the innocent people stuck at the scene. We aren't yet certain who this person is, but it has been rumoured the woman has been a part of the rogue outfit of the so-called 'Secret Avengers', who only months earlier escaped from a maximum secured detention facility known as 'The Raft', according to leaked documents from the group Rising Tide. It is yet unknown whether other rogue 'superheroes' such as Steve Rogers, and James Buchanan Barnes are also part of this devastating terror attack.

In the leadup to this attack various press agencies, and the authorities have received numerous warnings about an impending terror attack on the Charity Concert, and other high valued targets. Yet King T'Challa earlier today promised that security would be impenetrable and the dangers of a potential attack would be neglible at best.

The concert, organized and headlined by Alison Blaire and her band 'Bedazzled', had been a great success up until these horrible attacks, which coincided with the finale of the event in a clear attempt to strike at as many innocent souls as possible. Neither Blaire or her backing artist were injured in the strike, and many foreign dignitaries have been escorted to safety.

If you are currently in Wakanda, be certain to stay in your homes. If you are a foreigner living in Wakanda, please make sure to stay in your hotel rooms, and if possible contact the authorities if you have any information regarding the identity or whereabouts of the perpetrators of this attack. If you come across a suspect, regard them both armed and dangerous, and contact local authorities as soon as possible, and do not approach these people yourself.

Whilst the amount of casualties are currently uncertain to ascertain, they are sure to be high. And as of right now, neither the UN or King T'Challa have made any statements regarding these attacks, we are also still waiting on the official word from the White House regarding todays events.

Once again, less than half an hour ago the Lagos Charity Concert was struck by what seems to be a terrorist attack, in which an unknown biological agent was used to strike at innocent people. We request anyone with information to contact authorities, and anyone currently present in Wakanda to seek shelter and stay off the streets. We shall update you further when we receive further information on todays events...
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