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 Stark differences, Tag: Tony Stark
Tony Stark
 Posted: Aug 30 2016, 09:27 PM
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Tony Stark

He nodded as she agreed to reach out to Coulson. It was really the best that he could ask for in this particular instance. What right did he have to demand things from Coulson's team? It wasn't like he knew them all that well. In fact he wasn't even sure that he could name them. He wasn't even sure how different a beast this new SHIELD was; all he knew was that they occasionally fed the Avengers information via Maria. And now... well, now there weren't really Avengers to feed information to. Just a paltry few, half of whom were injured.

Hey, I'm not asking him to take my side. I just need Avengers, he replied, I'm done with the whole arguing over who was right thing. I just need a team that can do the job, you know? No lectures required. Not that he thought he'd be getting a lecture. Just a stern stare, more than likely. Which wasn't the worst, really. He'd had worse. Way worse.

He drifted off for a long moment, only coming back to the conversation at hand when Hill began speaking again. Then he smirked. You're talking to the man who owns 95% of the Cap exhibit at the Smithsonian, he pointed out, Of course I have trading cards. Mint condition. How many do you think it'll take to fill out a team of Avengers? His Father had collected and preserved essentially everything relating to Captain America over the years and upon his death, that collection had fallen into Tony's hands for safekeeping. He might as well get some real mileage out of it as well.

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