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 Roll of the dice, strike with the claws, [China; X-23]
A. R. Cadenski
 Posted: Dec 11 2016, 02:21 PM
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A. R. Cadenski

The job was done. Arcade felt giddy when the target had tried to escape and plead for his life. Letting his targets go wasn't something he was fond of doing. At least not for long before he did end up killing them. He wasn't that generous to let someone actually live for a job he was getting paid for. It was rare for him to have two targets near each other. So after he packed up his gear and clothing, he headed out to the next city.

Arcade didn't mind traveling the world for this. It gave him something to do and to experience new things. Sure he didn't know most of the languages but it was a good learning experience at any rate. China was so overcrowded that he sort of hated this trip. At least he wasn't headed into a major city but a city near the Great Wall of China. Xi'an. The trip there was non-eventful but he did like the scenery as he decided to go by bus instead of air travel.

Take a few days for himself before he went to work again. It was night when he had arrived in Xi'an and found a hotel to stay at. Once he dropped off his bags, he had decided to go find the target to see what he had to deal with. Sure he got some information from his client but he wanted to see for himself. It only took him an hour to figure out the building where the woman worked.

He didn't care if the target was male or female or transgender. The race didn't matter either. She had been working her way up the corporate ladder and fast. Someone did not like that and the fact how she was doing it was illegal and would make the hair stand on the back of your neck. Once he entered the building, Arcade felt like something was off.

He scowled as he walked further and could smell blood in the air. How dare someone else take his job! This was not something he had to deal with before and it was making him angry. He doubted that his client had any idea of this. Unless his client hired someone else in case he failed. But that was unheard of for him to have a race to see who killed the target first and got the money.

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