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 F.A.Q., Check here before you ask!
 Posted: May 10 2016, 06:53 AM
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  1. What's the setting of the board?

    The board is set roughly in real time. The setting is the last quarter of 2016, and timeline wise, we take place almost immediately after the events of Captain America: Civil War

  2. What movies fit into the AWF timeline?

    Captain America : The First Avenger

    Agent Carter (TV Show)

    Iron Man

    The Incredible Hulk

    Iron Man 2


    The Avengers

    Iron Man 3

    Thor: The Dark World

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Daredevil (TV Show)

    Jessica Jones (TV Show)


    Captain America: Civil War

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (TV Show)

  3. But what about the X-Men, Fant4stic, and Deadpool?

    This site is based on the MCU, so the events in these films are not considered canon. However the characters are more than welcome to be taken.

  4. I haven't seen Civil War yet! Don't spoil the movie!

    You should probably run now then, as this entire site is a movie spoiler.

  5. Can I apply as [insert canon villain here]?

    Of course you can. We would love to see more than just heroes on the site. Remember, our plot is primarily member driven. We need villains. We need people who make the accords a necessity.

  6. Can my OC be part of the Avengers?

    Short answer, no.

    Long answer, your OC can be scouted and asked to join the Avengers, but you can not join the site as an OC Avenger.

  7. I want to be an admin too!

    Not a question, but awesome! We're not currently looking for staff, but if we need someone, keep an eye on the announcement area!

  8. I've never read a comic in my life. Will that be a problem?

    Not at all! Even if you've never watched a Marvel Movie, there are plenty of resource sites out there to give you a base idea of characters, and if you need any help, just speak up and the Staff or other Members will be happy to give you a hand.

  9. Is there a character limit? When can I apply for a second/third/fourth character?

    We don't have a character limit here on AWF. However, we do ask that you keep your characters active. We strongly encourage at least a post a week out of you and your characters. As far as getting more characters, your 2nd character is free, after that, your most recent character must have ten (10) In Character posts before you can apply for another. We do this to be sure you have a feel for the character, and to give yourself a chance to get involved before you go application crazy. Trust us, we know that feeling.

  10. Is DOHTML enabled on this board?

    Yes it is.

  11. My OC Is the Brother/Sister/Cousin/Daughter of [Insert Canon Character Here], can I apply with them?

    While we won't outright tell you no, we do ask that you try and stray away from OC to Canon family relations like that. It isn't entirely fair to someone who might want to apply for that canon at a later date to know Surprise! You have a brother! when it isn't canon. If the Canon is already registered on the site, you are more than welcome to ask their permission for such a thing, but if they turn you down, please don't badger or harass the player. It will ultimately be their call.

  12. What limits are there for OC's on AWF?

    We try not to limit you with too much on your OC's. App what you have, and we'll go from there. If you want more details on what we look for, please check this guide for more details.

  13. I want to apply for [canon], but do I have to use [actor] for them?

    Like with all things fandom, sometimes we just don't like who was cast to portray our favorite character. While about 90% of our Movie Verse characters are negotiable for their 'face claims', there are some we simply can not budge on. Feel free to inquire about the canon you're interested in.

  14. I want to use Chris Hemsworth as the faceclaim for my OC, can I do that?

    No, on this board you're not able to use actors that are already active in the MCU. If the character is currently not signed up, you still can't use the faceclaim.

    If the character is signed up, and he's using a different claim, then it is up to the admin's discretion to approve it. But since handlers can change in the future, we prefer to keep active actors reserved indefinitely.

    And even though the FOX-Universe is not regarded as board canon, these actors will also be reserved and only usable under admin's discretion.

  15. Why aren't Mutants allowed?

    Because we are following the events of the MCU, we have chosen to adjust the rules to reflect a ban on Mutant based characters. Those that were previously registered are grandfathered in, but no more mutants. They simply don't exist in the MCU as it is at present. Otherworldly forces, Terirgenisis, and other means are welcome for characters, however, mutations are not at this time.

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